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    Discover the best kept beauty secret of the hollywood elite, beauty journalists and dermatologists.

    A good night’s sleep is probably the best beauty treatment of all, but to help you get that all important beauty sleep dermatologists recommend you add a silk pillowcase to your beauty routine.

    Natural silk has the same naturally occurring proteins as your hair, plus it has the same ph level as your skin, is naturally hypoallergenic and naturally anti-aging. It reduces sleep creasing - those lines and grooves on our face when we wake up that take longer to bounce back as we get older.

    The smoothness of silk doesn’t just feel luxurious, it reduces the friction against both skin and hair when we move about in our sleep. Reducing this damage keeps skin smooth and glowing, and hair strong, shiny, healthy and softer for longer.

    Unlike cotton, silk is reluctant to absorb moisture, a silk pillowcase helps your skin retain more of its natural moisture levels during the night and keeps more of your moisturiser on your face where it belongs.

    Adding our beautySilk pillowcases to your beauty regime will help you wake up with softer, clearer skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

    Silk is graded in ‘mommes’. The higher the number, the higher the weight and quality, with 12-19 being considered high quality. Because of this, our beautySilk pillowcases are made from only the finest mulberry silk, which is the most luxurious and most durable silk available at 19 mommes.

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